Welcome to Oberhausen

Cul­tu­re, leisu­re and tou­rism – shop­ping, strol­ling, feas­ting, cele­bra­ting, enjoy­ing art and cul­tu­re, expe­ri­en­cing a gre­at deal, having fun and sim­ply relaxing

sur­pri­sin­gly different

The town is a high­ly attrac­ti­ve desti­na­ti­on for dai­ly trips, short outings and city tours. The Neue Mit­te Ober­hau­sen with Cen­trO, Gaso­me­ter, König-Pil­se­ner ARENA, SEA LIFE Cen­ter, Lego­land, Sta­ge Metro­nom theat­re, the high rope clim­bing gar­den and Tiger Jump have all deve­lo­ped to beco­me genui­ne magnets for visi­tors. When visi­t­ing Ober­hau­sen it always pays to plan a diver­si­on to the Lud­wig Gale­rie Schloss Ober­hau­sen, the Rhei­ni­sche Indus­trie­mu­se­um, Thea­ter Ober­hau­sen or the Ebertbad with its out­stan­ding caba­ret per­for­man­ces. Added to this is a mul­ti­fa­rious local recrea­ti­on packa­ge inclu­ding well­ness in the Revier­park Von­der­ort, the Aqua­park, golf at the Jako­bi golf cour­se along with cycling and wal­king in the Kai­ser­gar­ten. There’s a gre­at deal to dis­co­ver here – both in Ober­hau­sen and in the Ruhr Regi­on to which we belong and which we hold dear to our hearts.

Whe­ther you need hotels, city tours, tickets for events, ent­ry tickets, info mate­ri­al or sim­ply reli­able tips – the Tou­rist Infor­ma­ti­on of the Ober­hau­sen Eco­no­mic and Tou­rism Deve­lo­p­ment Agen­cy is the­re for you and is your com­pe­tent con­ta­ct point. 

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