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On the site of the former Babcock headquarters in Duisburger Straße, Henley360 Germany GmbH is currently revitalising the 1980s building piece-by-piece according to the plans of the architectural team of Nikolaus Decker, BauWerkStadt Bonn. This has created the Quartier231, an area of over 60,000 square metres and a highly modern location for start-ups and medium-sized companies.

The old foundry and the high-rise building that dominated the urban landscape for many years have already been pulled down, and further smaller rear buildings are to follow. The area is gaining a more open and green appearance. Space is created with the use of visual axes and a district is being developed that provides attractive space for both large settlements and small, stylish office facilities for young companies with short run times. The primary and secondary building plant is being upgraded according to the latest market standards – the building, floor spaces and, on demand, even individual workstations are being customer-specifically equipped with future-oriented communication and information technology.

A classic form of business park is not being created on the site, but rather a service and customer-oriented location where companies such as agencies, lawyers’ practices and social facilities such as kindergartens and centres for further education work side-by-side with and complement commercial, creative and trade companies and service providers such as fitness studios, car sharing companies and repair workshops.

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Living and working at the OLGA PARK

The complete site of the former Osterfeld colliery is being transformed into a future-fit and popular location for “living and working”. A new urban centre is being created that supplements and strengthens the Osterfeld district. A large part of the former colliery location has already been developed and a variety of new uses have been introduced. These include in particular the construction of residential housing in the form of modern bungalows, barrier-free apartment units and a care centre for seniors situated directly adjacent to the greenage areas of the former county horticultural show, the OLGA Park. The Oberhausen Economic and Tourism Development Agency is currently conducting highly promising negotiations with investors and project developers for the still unconstructed residual area of approximately 17,000 m² at the former Osterfeld colliery.

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The TZU in Oberhausen offers ideal preconditions for technology-oriented companies and business start-ups for their successful corporate development. Attractive and highly flexible office space is available. Event rooms such as seminar rooms, exhibition spaces, meeting rooms and training rooms are also available to tenants and external parties.

The TZU offers a total of 14,500 m² of office space, ranging from single offices with 20 m² to open-plan offices of 400 m² and more within the setting of a historic works inn or in one of the directly adjacent, modern buildings of the technology centre.

The centre offers even more though – in cooperation with the Business Partner Club, companies located here can get to know potential business or cooperation partners. Extensive services also ensure that people can concentrate on their own core tasks. Part of the TZU range of services include a central reception area, high-speed internet, office and organisation administration and a cosy cafe for lunch breaks and catering. 60 underground garage spaces are available and 200 outdoor parking lots.

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The Business ParkO. is located in the Neue Mitte on the site of the former Stahlwerk Ost steelworks and directly opposite CentrO., one of the largest shopping centres in Europe that attracts 23 million visitors and tourists each year. The Gasometer, the König-Pilsener Arena, the Stage Metronom theatre and the marina are very close by.

The main themes for the development of this district are service sector entities in addition to retail, leisure, hotels and restaurants. Highly interesting opportunities for technology companies and innovative start-ups are offered in the direct vicinity of the UMSICHT Fraunhofer Institute.

The area is already home to the companies of Engelbert Strauss, Landgard, Hornbach, Poco, B&B Hotel, Lidl, Hartmann Tresore, RENTABOX24, Ballorig Speelparadijs, Casino Spiel Station and L’Osteria, The ASH and XiAO. Contracts have already been signed with XXXLutz, Decathlon and Super8 Hotel. Of 500,000 m², 250,000 m² are still available.

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